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Do you wear THE SAME pair of jeans, hairstyle , makeup, jewellery...... to EVERY event or party?
Check out the Sunday social pages. You will see a collection of people dressed in a particular style that looks as if it "matches" the event they are attending. 
"Dressing up" helps put your mindset into the spirit of the occasion. You become mentally and physically prepared to be a part of the festivities.  Taking time with your "look" allows you to SHAKE OFF the previous worries of the day and begin again. 
NO!!!! Tweaking bits and pieces is ALL it takes....
1. WASH your worries away. If you are too strapped for time, leave the bubbles for another day, have a shower, shampoo your hair, shave those legs, use this time to visualise the event you will be attending - you are on your way!
2. APPLY moisturiser & body cream while your body is still damp (this will help product absorption). 
3. MAKEUP - If you are really going ALL OUT call in the professionals. They will be able to create a perfect "face" for the night. 
Doing it yourself? Get your foundation right & the rest will be a breeze.... Try something different with your eye makeup. Choose a darker shade than you would during the day, apply eyeliner to define your eyes and ALWAYS use mascara. Your lips are important too! Too scared to try the darker eye? Make your lipstick the STAND OUT hero. Line your lips with a pencil first (to define & prevent lipstick "bleeding" when you are out).  Take the lippy with you for touch ups during the event, particularly if you will be drinking/eating, as it may wear off ( re-read blog Lip Sticky Situation for more tips). 
4. HAIR - Once again, you can't go wrong by calling in the professionals. 
To really make an IMPACT.... DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT with your HAIR. Always have it down? Wear it up. Always have it flat to your head? Curl, flick... stick it up! Hair can be extremely versatile (if you have a good cut) no matter what length of hair you have (check out blog Style Change tips for more ideas).
5. LINGERE - Put those chunky frayed undies back in the draw ladies. Wear something lacy and pretty. The foundation of your evening starts here! No-one else may get to see it, but YOU will feel a little special wearing it! 
6. CLOTHING - You don't need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (yes it's true - just don't let Mr G know I told you that!). Play around with mixing combinations of what you already have. You may only have that one pair of jeans.... wear a different top differently ( tuck it in, wear it out, tie it in a bow). Wear that trusty little black dress with a brightly coloured belt, a big chunky necklace, a scarf....
7. ACCESSORISING - Makes all the difference - some ideas above. Your choices here can be casual or dressy. Think jewellery, scarfs, bags, shoes, hats, coloured stockings...... There are lots of stores with affordable choices when it comes to adding a little bling to your look - you just need the confidence to get out there and wear it.
8. PERFUME - The perfect finishing touch. Choose a perfume YOU like the smell of ON YOURSELF. The same perfume will smell very DIFFERENTLY on other people. Just because it smells nice on your friend doesn't mean it will smell nice on YOU.  
Scent is important... we are born recognising the scent of our mothers before we can even see. Make your signature scent one that enraptures others in your presence.
9. A GLASS OF BUBBLES - By now you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by how FANTASTIC you look. Enjoying ONE glass of bubbly will get you in the mood to party. 

* Still in doubt? Check in with the team at Hair Flair Bradbury!

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