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Let's face it... we are VISUAL CREATURES.

The advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (NicoleNMortimer) and even Blogs these days is tantamount to the extreme we have gone to when it comes to feasting our eyes. 

Why is it then... that sometimes we can FORGET that our personal being (MEANING YOU - AS AN INDIVIDUAL) is also an important visual aspect for those you come in contact with each day?

In most circumstances...your appearance..... how you project yourself into the world... is the first form of contact another human being has with you.

Stop and think about some of the impact your appearance could be having on others. It can be quite alarming to discover how people are quick to make a judgement just by the way you look... OR MAYBE YOU have done this yourself. 

Below are some of my experiences:

1.  LOVELY STUDENTS - Kids are the most honest, forthright creatures on Earth and they don't often think to spare a poor teachers feelings. Over the years I've heard whispers about being a "witch" because I wore knee high black boots to work before it became mainstream. I've been told that I need to change my earrings because they were the same ones worn yesterday. There was also the time they thought I was ill because my makeup choice was too pastel in colour - obviously washing me out a bit. Don't get me started about the first time I ever wore a tracksuit to school for sport.... 

2. THE GENERAL PUBLIC - Years ago after a hairdressing event in the city, a group of us went out to dinner. We were approached by a fellow diner who wanted to know if we were from the Ballet Company performing in the area. We wore a lot of black, makeup and chic hair.

3. MODEL EVENT - I was tagging along with my friend to a makeup gig and ended up hosting a fashion event. I wore a simple black dress, interesting platform boots and a freshly cropped hairdo. The models kept wanting to talk to me... turns out they thought I was a model scout from Vogue. (I wish)

4. SWIM INSTRUCTOR NEEDED - While on holidays with the kiddies, hubby was in the pool kitted out in his matching black/yellow Billabong rashie, boardies and cap. A woman came over and tried to book a swimming lesson with him for later in the day. 

The moral of the story today is that your appearance is VERY IMPORTANT. You never know who is looking, judging and forming opinions in a split second. We sort of BECOME who we project ourselves to be by the way we dress, do our hair, choice of makeup.... it can be a fun concept to play around with.


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