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I am about to share with YOU my SIX STEPS to achieving what you want. BE AWARE that the steps are NOT going to give you INSTANT SUCCESS. What I'm sharing with you is something that happened to me in a very "organic" way, over a number of YEARS! (I'll explain more about this as I go on)

As an avid reader; (with a thirst for trashy holiday novels, biographys, business guides, personal growth and life affirmations) I have often read about some of these steps but they never quite resonated with me - I obviously wasn't ready to ingest it all or put it into practice... or was I?


1. PURPOSE - Everyone needs to feel like they have a purpose in life. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning. The thing is...sometimes we lose our way. Sure, I had a purpose as a wife, mother & teacher...but something was missing.  So straight off the bat, I kinda wasn't even able to complete step ONE! So in a cyclical fashion, I put Step 1 in the place of Step 6. At least I was aware that my Step 1 needed attention and I would have to come back to it. 

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2. ATTITUDE - Insert "NO WHINING PLEASE". One of my pet hates is hearing someone bang on about how "no-one gives them a chance, nothing ever goes right, blah...blah...blah". Negative talk is contageous & makes me feel bad. We ALL have bad moments, days, years.... It is very important to talk about these things but there is a time & place & a way of doing it. You need to get off that couch and be pro-active. No-one is going to do the hard work for you. If you fail or make a mistake...get back up, dust yourself off & move on - now you know NOT to do THAT again. Positive self talk is key, as is laughing at yourself. I have often shared stupid things I have done on my social media outlets. People can see you are human, funny and not so different to them after all. Choose to be an idealist where ANYTHING is possible & watch it work for you too.

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3. SERENDIPITY - THIS STEP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF THEM ALL. Remember how I mentioned that my STEP ONE was missing in action? Serendipity can bring you there when you least expect it. Listen and learn from opportunities that come up. You never know when "it" could strike. DON'T DISMISS an opportunity because what you are offered isn't relevant to you at THIS VERY MINUTE. I've mentioned in previous blogs about my Pop's love of bush walking when I was a kid. It wasn't really my thing but I soaked up everything he had to tell me...years later I got a job guiding kids on bushwalks for excursions. "Thanks POP". NOTE: Step 3 is where I met my STEP 1 .....AND BEST OF ALL - IT FOUND ME! The "laws of attraction" I had read about actually started working for me.

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4. CREATIVE FLAIR - No, you don't have to be able to paint like Monet...but you do need to know how to get recognised. Keep ideas fresh, current and fun. Delve back into those childhood years of spontaneity. Don't be afraid of being a little cheeky.  My favourite way of thinking these days is... "Don't think OUTSIDE the BOX...Think like there is NO box". 

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5. BE BOLD - This step links in nicely with Step 4. Try an angle that is different from what everyone else is doing.  I do this with my "Face It with Hair Flair" makeup line ALL the time. If everyone is wearing "nude lipstick", then wear "bright red" - instantly a stand out from the masses. Being BOLD also means to get out there and let people know what you want. After all, if you don't speak up, how will anyone know what it is you are trying to achieve. You will be surprised how many people are actually willing to help you out - JUST ASK. Note: You may need to ask more than once or change your strategy as we are all busy & get distracted with our own lives too.

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6. BE NICE/BE THANKFUL - Let's face it, everyone likes to be recognised for a good deed or help they have provided. It is good practice to thank those who help you along the way and to be gracious to those who don't. "You never know when you may need that person later down the track". 

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What are YOU going to do RIGHT NOW to achieve your goals?
Let me know how you go.

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