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I thought this article was rather timely, coming off the back of EASTER indulgence and all. 
Now let's get stuck into the nitty- gritty of what it means to "embrace your curves".

Be Aware, I'm NOT talking about becoming unfit, unhealthy or heaven forbid "giving up" on trying to look good. I'm also not expecting you to go all REBEL WILSON: in your face, either. (The April Elle Australia 2015 Magazine edition actually has a great interview with her.)

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What I'm getting at is something that I recently experienced myself.
Over the years my weight has fluctuated here and there. I have never been particularly BIG, but I do have a butt and a bit of a tummy. These two "features" have been painstakingly covered up with layers and drapes of clever concealment and on occasion mad gym sessions.

The funny thing is - My husband has always LOVED my curves. 

Anyway, I was recently offered a featured extra role in a feature movie. (Yes, my first movie experience gets to be a feature film - WINNING - more on THAT coming soon.) The director wanted me to wear a YELLOW dress. Finding a YELLOW dress proved quite difficult, when the season is moving into winter and with one day notice I was desperate.
A little boutique store had opened up at my local shopping square and in I trooped. To my amazement they actually had a YELLOW dress. Can I hear you saying "LAW OF ATTRACTION"? I know right!
The only problem with the dress was HOW FITTED and YELLOW it was. I don't wear yellow as a rule and I don't do fitted either! The girl in the store was brilliant and gave me the confidence to see that my curves actually looked quite womanly. The dress fitted like a glove and was very comfortable. It came below the knees and high around the neck, so it wasn't too much. 
Needless to say, I got the gig. 

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The weekend papers "The Sunday Telegraph 5th April", actually covered a story about the French Fashion Industry banning skinny models. They want to bring CURVES back.

Kim Kardashian in all her "Big Butt" glory is actually doing great things for women.

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Did I actually write that? 
The thing is, when I look at how ridiculous and oversized her life, butt, lips, boobs....are. I can bring that back to my own life and realise "This is who I am, This is my body, I EMBRACE IT". Do you know where I'm coming from here? That's the way I look at it anyway.
Although, on the weekend I did ask my daughter if my butt looked too big in my "NEW" fitted dress. (I am loving this look right now). Her response "Don't worry so much Mum, It's a THING these days". She also promptly told me  I needed to wear a different bra to accentuate my cleavage. SO I DID.

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The absolute stand out character is Cookie Lyon. She wears gorgeously fitted dresses that hug every curve. In fact most of the women on that show do. They are ALL shapes and sizes, but are clearly embracing their curves with a womanly abandon. 

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So, are you up for it? Are YOU ready to EMBRACE YOUR CURVES
Let me know how you go.

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