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Ok...I seem to have a predilection for ALL THINGS "LIGHT" at the moment. Maybe I have been so sun deprived over winter that I'm gravitating towards anything that offers some kind of brightness....or maybe I was a moth in a previous life!

Light makes me happy....and I have recently found out that it can do OTHER magic tricks too.


Great hair (Hair Flair Bradbury), Fabulous makeup (Face It with Hair Flair), Glowing skin (Omnilux Miracle Skin Therapy with Mel).....and...YUK... CREAM COLOURED TEETH! 
For a while now I have been lamenting the fact that my teeth are no longer the pearly whites they once were. I have used a variety of teeth whitening toothpastes, chewed whitening gum till my jaw ached...all to no avail. As a coffee drinker, red wine enthusiast, tomato based sauces kinda gal, my teeth have payed the price. Lucky I'm a non-smoker or they could be worse...


Today I tried something called BLEACH BRIGHT. It is a relatively new technology that literally works at "the speed of light". The treatment covers a thirty minute session and includes a take home brightening pen for $149.00. A follow up appointment can be made within a fortnight if not completely happy (remembering that teeth can ONLY be whitened to a certain point for each individual, as some people don't have naturally white teeth to begin with), most will not need follow ups for six months. 


I was escorted into the TREATMENT ROOM to be given the run down of what to expect during my 30 minute journey. It is a really simple procedure and nothing too alarming about it. (Except for the fact that my 14 year old daughter came in the room with me armed with her iphone). 

Here's what went down:

1. I lay on the treatment bed.
2. A colour swatch matched to the current colour of my teeth, to compare results after treatment.
3. A mouth guard full of whitening product, in the form of a clear gel, was inserted into my mouth.
4. A bib was placed under my chin (there will be some dribbles) and a box of tissues (yes, there could be lots of dribbles).
5. Special glasses put on to protect my eyes.
6. The light machine was turned on and focussed on my mouth. 

The process began... I just had to lay there, helpless at the photographic hands of my sneaky daughter (who knew I could neither SPEAK or MOVE)!

"MUM, YOU LOOK SO HAPPY TODAY" says my teeth are clamped into a permanent grin.

"MUM, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU. CAN YOU SIGN LANGUAGE THAT FOR ME?" says I resist her paparazzi shots. 

"MUM, WHY DO YOU HAVE DRIBBLE ON YOUR CHIN - GROSS." says I silently give in and giggle to myself.

At least I wasn't bored. The session was interspersed with the practitioner coming in to check on proceedings. She may very well have been coming in to check on all the giggles as Chloe had herself in stitches (at my expense) most of the time.

The session ended with a quick teeth rinse and a colour check. 
To my delight, my teeth went from a 3.5 to a 1.
They are far from pearly white, but glowing white teeth were NOT on my agenda. I have my whitening pen to even up some patchy areas by applying throughout the day. I can't drink COFFEE or eat heavily COLOURED foods for 24 hours.

Overall I am really pleased with my result. 

pic courtesy of Google Images

What teeth whitening experiences have you had?
Would you try this?


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